Effective Dec., 31, 2014, Russ Taylor will be stepping down from his role as executive director and retiring from the Foundations of East Chicago after seventeen years of service. Accepting his initial appointment in 1997, Taylor has served as executive director since the organization’s inception.


Through the years and guided by Taylor’s dedicated commitment, thousands of citizens have received services through programs funded by the Foundations of East Chicago.


“The work of the Foundations of East Chicago that drives me is that we are positively impacting the lives of East Chicagoans,” Taylor said. The people of East Chicago are a valuable resource, second to none.


When asked about his plans for retirement, Taylor is adamant that although he will be retiring from the Foundations, he will not be retiring from his commitment to the community of East Chicago.


“There are so many good things happening in East Chicago right now and I want to be part of that,” Taylor said. I’ve said that I’m retiring from the Foundations but I want to stay here and continue working on a positive direction for the community and making life better here for everybody.”


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