The Challenger Learning Center, in partnership with the School city of East Chicago and the Northwest Indiana Educational Service Center, through a grant received from the Foundations of East Chicago, are collaborating to promote science and literacy on voyage to Mars. This collaboration proposes to improve the ability of East Chicago 6th grade educators to educate, inspire and engage their students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields through problem-based learning modules that are technology based, integrate science and literacy and prepare students for a voyage to Mars at Challenger.


What is the Challenger Program:


The program addresses the Foundations of East Chicago’s most critical priority: education. Challenger Learning Center uses science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to engage visitors of all ages. While space science and STEM education are keys in preparing children to become competitive in the global marketplace, the program also strives to prepare students and visitors to be successful, productive members of society. The Challenger Learning Center’s space simulation programs, planetarium experiences, laser shows, hands-on space science and technology skill-building exercises engage learners of all ages in activities that encourage teamwork while honing problem solving, communication and critical thinking proficiencies.


The Challenger Learning Center’s Voyage to Mars mission simulation has been shown to increase student interest in STEM subjects and careers and the curriculum helps prepare students for mission simulation by providing their classroom teachers with lessons that incorporate nonfiction articles and texts with related science explorations and technology.


The Challenger Learning Center of Northwest Indiana offers science education learning opportunities for educators, school groups, businesses and communities located in Indiana, Chicagoland, Illinois and Michigan.


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