The Challenger Learning Center, in partnership with the School city of East Chicago and the Northwest Indiana Educational Service Center, through a grant from the Foundations of East Chicago are collaborating to promote science and literacy on voyage to Mars. This collaboration proposes to improve the ability of East Chicago 6th grade educators to educate, inspire and engage their students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields through problem-based learning modules that are technology based, integrate science and literacy and prepare students for a voyage to Mars at Challenger. The program addresses the Foundations of Chicago’s most critical priority: education.


The completed program will include problem-based learning modules based on College and Career Readiness Standards. This will allow for the teacher and the students to access the eLearning modules independently and be self-directed. The value, both perceived and actual, of this method of classroom instruction as an instructional resource is evident and used by greater numbers of educators and students as the program has progressed since its inception within local, East Chicago public schools. Ultimately, local educators are being given resources for new ways of teaching and connecting science and literacy in the classroom, improving outcomes for their students as they work to meet state standards.


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