The science department of St. Stanislaus in East Chicago believes all students should have the opportunity to learn, participate and explore the many facets of science.


This June, the school will hold a two-week summer science program entitled ‘Summer Science Sleuths.’ The program will allow students 9-11 years old to participate in activities such as basic kitchen chemistry and design engineering, allowing them to use creative and critical thinking while improving their math and science skills. Because many East Chicago students fall below the national norms for these areas, one of the intended goals of the program is to improve their skills in a fun, hands-on way.

Participants will also hear from local guest speakers on several science topics. At the end of the program, the students will explain their activities and discoveries with parents and other students. In addition to piquing interest in the world of science, St. Stanislaus hopes the program will introduce students to possible career opportunities they never considered possible for them.   

To learn more about this Foundations of East Chicago grantee, visit St. Stanislaus’ website by clicking here.