In East Chicago, just like in other cities around the state and country, more and more marriages end in divorce. The Witnessing Community Development Corporation’s mission is to strengthen the marriages in East Chicago and its surrounding areas with workshops aimed to help repair broken marriages. They believe a broken marriage leads to a broken family, ending with broken children.

The seminar will consist of one workshop every other month for a total of six, and will focus on topics such as spiritual welfare, how to be a better husband or wife, marriage and children, building trust in marriage, marriage and money and more. Each attending couple will receive a package including literature on how to make a marriage stronger, which will be a valuable resource couples can always refer to.

With these workshops, Witnessing Community Development Corporation hopes couples will have an improved awareness of a healthy lifestyle – emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

The Witnessing Community Development Corporation is a Foundations of East Chicago grantee. Learn more about program grants by visiting FEC Grants.