Foundations of East Chicago has done a tremendous amount of good works in the community. One of the organization’s most notable programs is the scholarship program. The scholarships awarded by FEC have benefitted East Chicago residents of all ages and have helped countless families shoulder the burden of paying for college. There is so much that this scholarship program has done for the community that some facts and statistics have been compiled in a list below to show the extent of FEC’s influence across the city of East Chicago.


-FEC began offering academic scholarships in the year 1998.


-FEC distributed $178,000 in scholarships to 57 recipients in 2015.


-Since 1998, FEC has awarded over $2.3 million in scholarships.


-FEC has awarded a total of $5.5 million in books and building improvements to schools in East Chicago.


-FEC distributes high school scholarships as well as non-traditional scholarships, which are awarded to adults who are going back to school.


-In 2015, FEC distributed six different types of scholarships to high school and college students.


-The most scholarship money FEC has awarded in one year was $190,000 to 67 recipients in the year 2014.


-Anyone who is a resident of East Chicago is welcome to apply for a FEC scholarship!


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