The Foundations of East Chicago have evolved drastically in the last two decades. From its early beginnings, it has always been dedicated to improving the lives of residents in East Chicago.

The 2001 mission statement states: “Improve the City of East Chicago by working with organizations to provide funding and leverage of other resources to raise the health, safety, and productivity of the community.”

The Foundations were formed in September 1997, as two nonprofit, private foundations funded with river boat money from Showboat, then Harrah’s East Chicago Casino. The foundations were an outcome of then Mayor Robert A. Pastrick’s Task Force on Gaming. The two foundations were designed with specific purposes: one with a community focus, and the other with an educational focus.

The Foundations are funded by the local East Chicago casino, which gives a percentage of its gross adjusted revenue.

The foundations serve the people of East Chicago, through a Board of Directors consisting of local residents and business persons. They work with 501(c)(3) organizations to improve the city. Individuals and non 501(c)(3) agencies, with creative ideas, may also participate in Foundation grant initiatives by contacting our office to discover potential opportunities.

The two foundations created were the East Chicago Community Development Foundation and Twin City Education Foundation.

East Chicago Community Development Foundation funding areas included:

  • Family
  • Service
  • Development
  • Safety
  • Business
  • Career

Twin City Education Foundation funding areas included:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Careers
  • Services

Foundations of East Chicago believe in “Building our community through program success.”

The Foundation continues to share and leverage resources. Our staff serves both the East Chicago Community Development Foundation, Inc. (raising the health, safety, and productivity of East Chicago) and the Twin City Education Foundation, Inc. The Foundation staff worked to implement each mission to the fullest potential, eliminating duplication, and maximizing community benefit.