Young children typically look to adults who care for them for reassurance in life, especially when it comes to traumatic events that occur. In this case, the caregiver is the most important adult in their life. Here are some steps a caregiver can take to help reestablish that sense of stability for the child:



  • Make sure the child understands that language you are answering in so they comprehend the events and changes in their life
  • Develop family safety plans
  • Engage in age-appropriate activities that stimulate the mind and body
  • Find ways to relax and have fun together
  • Help the child expand their “feelings” vocabulary
  • Honoring family traditions that bring them close to the people they love
  • Look for changes in the child’s behavior
  • Help them get back on track
  • Set routines and schedules
  • Set boundaries and limits
  • Always show love and affection



The National Child Traumatic Stress Network acts as a great guide to help children that have been exposed to traumatic experiences. To learn more about how grantees such as the Nazareth Home are helping children, visit